Ms. Elmira Harris



Today we celebrate the life and acknowledge the home going of Elmira Harris. She was born July 26, 1921 to Anderson Harris and Marjorie Rutherford in Nashville, Tennessee. She migrated to Indianapolis, Indiana with her parents, as a child, and accepted Christ at an early age.

Elmira attended and graduated from Crispus Attucks High School, and was amazingly intelligent, even well into her later years. And while Elmira was not a mother, she loved children and worked as a nanny for many years. She spent most of her life as a woman with her common law husband “Slim,” until he passed away.

She had a soft and kind spirit, but was very outgoing. Elmira loved to read. As she began to become sedentary, her cousins Kathy and Annie Segraves began to care for her. And her cousin Joseph Harris, as she so lovingly called “Junior,” also helped and visited with her, until he became ill. Nate would also visit with her. Elmira loved to give to charity, and made sure Kathy and Annie understood that. She also loved a clean home, and would keep her apartment very clean when she lived alone.

When she transitioned to the nursing home, Nate would visit with her, and she looked forward to seeing him. She would have long intelligent conversations with him and with any of us who visited with her. We were even told that Elmira would race down the hall in her wheel chair with her friends.

She and Nate would read the bible to each other, and she was very sharp, even into her nineties. She liked bible verses and even memorized them. She also loved sweets, and in her last days when she was not eating very well, Nate asked if she wanted a piece of his mom’s apple pie, and she said yes, so the nurse fed her some.

Elmira was loved very much, by her family, friends and her common law husband. The Lord wanted sweet Elmira with him, so she went to be with Him on Sunday, November 4, 2018. She was a selfless woman who did not ask for much in life, but she gave. Elmira will live on forever in the hearts of her family, and friends at the nursing home.
“Gone from our side, but forever in our hearts!”