Anna L. Dailey




An Opus of God’s Love

The Prelude… The Webster’s II New College Dictionary defines the word opus as “a creative work, especially a musical composition, numbered to designate the order of a composer’s work”. We believe this to be an accurate description of God’s orchestration of the rich, beautiful, and talented life of Mrs. Anna Lillian Dailey.

Da Capo (from the beginning)… On November 18, 1927, in Indianapolis, Indiana, Anna Lillian White became the second child of Mr. and Mrs. James and Maude White. She was raised with one older brother (James) and two younger sisters (Evelyn and Juanita)

The Crescendo of a Godly Woman… Mrs. Dailey accepted Christ at age 11. Over the years, she deepened her commitment and service to the Lord. She began her ministry at 25th Street Baptist Church as the Sunday school pianist at age 9 and became church pianist at age 13. She later ministered as pianist, alongside her husband who was on the organ, at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church. Mrs. Dailey continued for over 40 years as pianist, and Minister of Music beginning in 1992, at St. Paul. She was appointed as Minister of Music Emeritus in 2011. In addition, she served as a musician for many local, regional, and state-wide church groups. Her deep love for studying and applying God’s Word led her to teach numerous bible studies and workshops, and she was known for her extensive preparation. We liked to refer to her as a “prophetess” and a “preacher without a license!”

The Medley of Education, Career, and Community… Mrs. Dailey attended Public School #87, Crispus Attucks High School, and subsequently graduated from Butler University in 1949. She taught math at Crispus Attucks High School for 12 years and established the school library in 1960. She also taught music for four years at Public School #44. Mrs. Dailey became the administrator of St. Paul Home for the Aged to serve her church and pastor (then Rev. C. J. Dailey) at great personal sacrifice. She served in this capacity and as administrator of Community Health Care (the old Dailey’s Convalescent Home) over a span of 13 years. In addition to her faithful service to the church, she was active in community groups including Alpha Wives, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Jack and Jill of America, the Indiana Association of Homes for the Aging (board secretary), and the Central Indiana Council on Aging (board member). Mrs. Dailey was a life member of the NAACP and received a citation from the Mayor of Indianapolis for her outstanding service and achievements on her 75th birthday.

The Family Harmony… Mrs. Dailey was blessed to interact with numerous people who brightened her life with their melodies. Nonetheless, the heart of her musical composition was her commitment to her family. She married a musician of excellence, Mr. Anderson T. Dailey, on August 9, 1953, and they composed a rhapsody of their lives for over 38 years. From their union, two additional musical notes were added to form a quartet: Alicia and Andrew. Mrs. Dailey’s opus became even more rich when Wilmot Valhmu joined the Dailey family as an exchange student from Liberia, West Africa, in 1980. However, her familial harmony could not be considered complete until her “long awaited and prayed for grandson,” Julian, was born in 1999.

The Accent Marks… Those of us who lived with, worked with, or were taught by Mrs. Dailey in any capacity know that she demanded excellence and did not allow much foolishness. The stories of her tough demeanor are legendary! We can only imagine the nicknames that were reserved for her! However tough she might have appeared, Mrs. Dailey’s love for the Lord and
her desire to see others reach their fullest potential were at the heart of her actions. She ignited the fire of excellence and inspired a love for music and math in many individuals.
The Resolution… As family and friends, we celebrate the life of Mrs. Anna Lillian Dailey! She enriched our bodies, minds, and spirits in indescribable ways. Although we did not want her to depart, on Thursday, August 3, 2017, the Lord saw fit to call her home. Mrs. Dailey would have used her creative way with words to say that the Lord resolved the harmonic tension of her sickness with a final, calm chord.

The Rhythm Continues… Mrs. Anna Lillian Dailey’s legacy will continue in the lives of daughter Rev. Dr. Alicia L.; son Rev. Andrew T.; grandson Julian M.; sister Evelyn M. Jones; brother-in-law Rev. Henry M.; sisters-in-law Mildred White, Beatrice Jewell, Gwendolyn, Joyce, and Karen; nephews Charles and Elder John Jones; nieces Audrey Hughes, Tamara West, Vanessa Footman, Valerie Jones, and Vivica Turntine; adopted children Wilmot and Lucy Valhmu, Alson and Theressa Wright; adopted grandchildren Tafika-Kenan, Kekulah, Togbah-Suah, and Nyasho Valhmu; and a host of great-nephews, great-nieces, cousins, and friends.